Polianna Search Engine Optimization is a pioneering digital marketing agency built to over-deliver to every client it accepts. Through extensive networking and vetting, they have built a powerful team of SEO strategists, graphic designers, social media managers, conversion optimizers, and website developers. Through their proprietary and cutting-edge methods, they have found tremendous success for clients while others have failed. Polianna SEO is about being clear and upfront with their clients and are results-oriented. While they don’t guarantee rankings, they excel at delivering tremendous value for their clientele and promise professional services backed by results.

John Victoria is an internet entrepreneur known for founding Polianna SEO in 2016, the Premiere Internet Advertising & Media Company that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) in the DMV area. He is currently the Co-Chair of District VI and is actively involved in helping market for the National Federation of Filipino American Associations Region 2 and the Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education Project.

Partner of Polianna. CEO and owner of three companies with over 15 years of business/marketing experience, specializing in brand development and management. Companies include an International Branding Development Firm, a family owned Property Management Firm, and Landscape Design Firm. His company has partnered with Polianna SEO to deliver website design, branding, and marketing services.