Who We Are

Our team’s mission is to help contractors and home service providers to scale past the $1m/year revenue mark and beyond.

Founded in 2016 and having over 70+ years of collective digital marketing experience, Polianna has brought together a superhero team of online marketers to change the game for home service providers.


No longer do you have to rely on 3rd party services like Home Advisor, Angie’s List, Yelp, or Google Ads. We want to help you build a Google-friendly website that brings in hundreds of qualified homeowners calling your office every single month. 

We believe that who a company is can be found in the values they live by.

Here are the Polianna Five Core Values:

Results Oriented • Accountability • Proactivity • Integrity • Teamwork


#1 We Are Results Oriented

We believe driving meaningful business results to your business. We don’t care much for vanity metrics like the number of likes on your Facebook page, how many views/impressions your ad got, or how many email opens you received. We’re focused on how we can get you qualified homeowners calling your business.

#2 We Are Accountable

We believe in keeping our promises to you. We stay on the ball when it comes to all our campaigns, and if ever there is a mistake, we will make sure to let you know and ensure to do our best to right any wrongdoings.

#3 We Are Proactive

We believe in taking personal responsibility to identify new opportunities, solve potential issues, and create plans that will help us succeed in your campaign. We aren’t sitting around waiting for things to happen…we’re getting out there to get you ready for the future of our campaign and digital marketing.

#4 We Live With Integrity

We believe in living a value driven life and in acting with excellence in all that we do. We would rather tell you “no” rather than make a promise we can’t keep.

#5 We Believe In Teamwork

When you work with us, you are joining the Polianna family. We believe the magic is working synergistically together towards our agreed upon goals. However, just because we are a family doesn’t mean we won’t be afraid to give or receive tough love 🙂

We are Team Polianna.

What Our Long-Term Happy Customers Have Said

Since 2016, we’ve focused on helping our clients dominate Google search. Explore our series of case studies to see how we’ve impacted our clients.


"Not too many companies go from 1 million to 10 million in 3 years. That's some SERIOUS growth. 10 to 15 million this year, and you guys are a big part of that."

Dan McCarthy & Jim Workman, Owners of DM Select Services

Learn how Doherty Plumbing Co., Inc improved its SEO results and climbed the Google search rankings!

Dan McCarthy & Jim Workman, Owners of DM Select Services

Learn how Haymarket PT ranked #1 in Google Organic and Google Maps in all three locations!

Dan McCarthy & Jim Workman, Owners of DM Select Services

Learn how Shiftpixy boosted its rankings and organic traffic through content marketing SEO strategy!

Dan McCarthy & Jim Workman, Owners of DM Select Services

Learn how Mimi’s Jewelry received a massive traffic increase after 1 month of working together!

Dan McCarthy & Jim Workman, Owners of DM Select Services

Dan McCarthy & Jim Workman, Owners of DM Select Services

Learn how CBD Kratom Experts projected 2,000 visitors/month from Free Google Traffic!

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