Polianna Onboarding FAQs

Table of Contents

Intake Form FAQs

Google Properties FAQs

FAQs for Image & Content Assets

FAQs for Hosting Purchase & Sharing

Keyword Reporting FAQs

SEO Reporting FAQs


General FAQs for Polianna

Intake Form FAQs

What is the link for the intake form?

Please click on the appropriate form based on your campaign:

We will greatly appreciate it if you provide and complete the necessary details in the form. 

If you have a list of your old and current business profiles online and their corresponding login credentials, you can share it with us and that would be very helpful with your campaign. 

Why do I need to provide the details included in the Intake form?

All the information in the intake form/s is important for running a smooth campaign, thus, getting you the results and goals as fast as possible. The other reasoning for the form is that we would like to have your information as accurate and consistent as possible across the internet. We ask for your support in this and your trust in our process.

Where will the business information be used?

The business information will be particularly used for the acquisition of business profiles (citations, directories, socials, etc.) that require the business information such as the NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number), business hours, description, photos, and others.

Why do I need to provide company photos?

In our campaigns, we will build out business profiles that require adding company photos. The photos that you will add in the intake form are assumed to be the partner’s preference so we will be referring to those photos. However, if you don’t have any photo preferences, we will just select the ones that we can find in your public domain.

Why do I need to share the logins or access to my social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)?

We need access to your Facebook and Instagram profile to ensure that all profiles, most especially your primary social media accounts, are linked together and properly set up with the proper keywords.

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing access with us, that is okay, but it puts us at a disadvantage to fully implement our methods. You may put N/A in those fields, and we will move forward without optimizing those profiles. To reiterate, this direction can mess with our SEO process. 

How do I refer you when granting access to our Facebook Page?

Please set Polianna SEO as an admin user for your Facebook Page.

Why do I need to provide my details under the Owner Information section?

Same with the business details, we will be using this information to complete the owner details required in the business profiles that we will be creating.

In particular, why do you need my date of birth?

This detail is also part of our SEO process which may be required in the creation of business profiles on your behalf and we want your information to be consistent online. If you don’t feel comfortable providing your DOB, we can just create a made-up DOB for you and you can add N/A in the field. We will use it across the profiles that we will create and we will keep it consistent from our end.

Please be reminded however that inconsistency in business information is one of the main causes of poor rankings in Google Maps. 

Why do I need to share the admin logins and other website accesses (hosting, registrar, etc.)?

These logins are important in our SEO process so we can directly implement the optimization for the website, to check and possibly add plugins needed for SEO, and integrate other website updates.

Why do you need access to Google Properties?

Google Properties such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Tag Manager will help us with regular monitoring of website data. This includes traffic, goals, conversion, and audience behavior. This data will be included in the monthly SEO reporting and will be the basis of the SEO strategy that we are going to implement in the following period.

In addition, we need Google My Business owner-level access as part of our SEO process for our optimization efforts towards the GMB listing to help rank for local maps.

What do I do if I don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, etc.?

That’s okay. We can assist with creating your social accounts and Google Properties for you.

What is call tracking?

That’s okay. We can assist with creating your social accounts and Google Properties for you.Call tracking is a tool used for monitoring phone calls from the website and its external links. It is usually set up by purchasing a call tracking number (from a call tracking service like CallRail) that is forwarded to the business number. 

Why do you need access to call tracking?

This will help monitor the effectiveness of our SEO campaign in terms of our ROI.

Why do I need to create two (2) email addresses for SEO?

As part of our SEO process, we require the creation of a domain email ([email protected]) and/or a Gmail account ([email protected]). The domain email will be primarily used for admin logins and primary business profiles or citations that require domain email for faster verification. The Gmail account will be used for secondary business profiles that prefer a Gmail instead of a domain email.

Please also share the verification number or email address associated with your Gmail account, so we can login from our end. We will get in touch with you if it will require a verification code to be sent to you.

The ideal would be that we have both email addresses, however if certain difficulties and other conditions prohibit us from that, we can work with either of the two.

How do I set you up a domain email?

Setting up the domain email depends on which hosting you are using. For Siteground hosting, simply follow the steps on this link: How to create email accounts in SiteGround 

What should I do if I don’t have access to create a domain email?

If you have already shared the hosting credentials via the intake form, we can take care of it from our end and we will just share to you the logins we’ll create.

What are the web logins needed?

 Web Hosting – provides storage space for a website or application on a server on the internet

 Registrar – manages the reservation and purchasing of Internet domain names or the website URL

Google Properties FAQs

How do I install a Google Analytics account for my business?
Please refer to this video link on how to set up a Google Analytics account for your website: How to Install Google Analytics.
How do I share my existing Google Analytics property with Polianna?

Here is a Loom video to help: How to share account manager-level permission in Google Analytics

Text instructions:

Step 1. Sign in to Google Analytics and look for the property/website that you’re sharing.

Step 2. Go to User Management, either on the Property column or View Column.

Step 3. Click on the Add button, then, Add New Users.

Step 4. Input email address ([email protected]) and select the edit permissions.

(Select all Manage Users, Read & Analyze, Collaborate, Edit)

Step 5. Click Add and Done.

How do I create a Google My Business Listing for my business?

Please refer to this video link on how to set up a Google My Business profile or listing: How to Setup Your Google My Business Profile

How do I share my existing Google My Business listing with Polianna?

Here is a Loom video to help: How to share owner-level permission in Google My Business

Text instructions:

Step 1. Sign in to your Google My Business account.

Step 2. Go to the Users tab.

Step 3. Click Invite New Users.

Step 4. Input email address ([email protected]) and select Owner Access.

Step 5. Click Invite and Done.

How do I set up the Google Search Console Account for the website?

Please refer to this link on how to set up a Google Search Console account for your website: Add a website property – Search Console Help, or follow the steps below:

Step 1. Sign in to your Google Search Console account.

Step 2. Click Add Property.

Step 3. Input website URL.

Step 4. Verify the property with your preferred method (Adding HTML tag to the website or verify through Google Analytics account).

Step 5. Click Verify.

Step 6. Once verified, the website property will appear on your dashboard.

How do I share my existing Google Search Console Account with Polianna?

Here is a Loom video to help: How to share owner permission in Google Search Console

Text instructions:

Step 1. Sign in to Google Search Console account and look for the property or website to share access to.

Step 2. Click on Manage Property, then, select Add or remove users.

Step 3. Click Add a new user.

Step 4. Input email address ([email protected]) and select Owner Access / Full Access.

Step 5. Click Add and Done.

How do I share administrator-level permission in Google Tag Manager with Polianna?

Here is a Loom video to help: How to share administrator-level permission in Google Tag Manager

Text instructions:

Step 1. Sign in to Google Tag Manager (tagmanager.google.com) and select the container/account that you are going to share.

Step 2. Go to Admin and then User Management.

Step 3. Click Add (plus) button, and then Add users.

Step 4. Input [email protected] and select Administrator.

Step 5. Click Invite.

FAQs for Image & Content Assets

What type of images should I provide?

You can share your company images such as office pictures, team images (group photos or while working), company events and other images that show the culture of the company.

Do you require professionally taken photos?

You can take the company photos by professional photographers or even through mobile phones. Generally, the better the quality, the more we can get positive impressions from your audience.

What if I don’t have any photos of the mentioned above?

You can send your preferred images, and we’ll try our best to look for free images online that we will modify according to your branding.

What content do you require?

You can share with us your company profile or business profile that contains the company foundation— how it is built, your services, and mission and vision. This will be a great help in optimizing the meta data and content tweaks for the website, as well as in the creation of the business profiles while specifying only the correct details for the business.

What if I don’t have any content for the business description?

If you don’t have this document, that’s fine, we will just refer to the content on the website and from there create the business description that we’ll add to the business profiles.

FAQs for Hosting Purchase & Sharing

What to do if I don’t have a hosting account yet?

Please proceed to purchase a hosting that we can use for your website. We recommend having a dedicated hosting for your website to minimize the risk of being impacted by other shared sites’ malware, as well as, preventing issues that have to do with the bandwidth, thus, avoiding website downtime and other complications.

Which hosting should I purchase?

We highly recommend purchasing Siteground hosting for all our partners. Siteground has very efficient technical support with secured and top speed hosting service. 

Which hosting plan should I purchase? How much is the hosting worth?

We recommend purchasing a Grow Big Plan with a special price of $5.95/mo (Regular price: $19.95/mo) as of writing. This plan has a backup feature and ‘SuperCacher’ that accelerates the website’s loading speed. Visit the Siteground website for the updated pricing: Siteground Web Hosting

How do I purchase the Siteground hosting?

Step 1. Go to the Siteground web hosting plans page. Click the link below: https://www.siteground.com/web-hosting.htm   

Step 2. Click on the Get Started button under the Grow Big Plan.

Step 3. Tick on ‘I already have a Domain’ (if you already have a domain). Then, input your domain.

Step 4. If you don’t have a domain yet, you can purchase through Siteground or other domain purchasing sites. Click the link below on how to purchase new domain in SitegroundHow can I purchase a new domain name?

Step 5. Click the Proceed button.

Step 6. Complete the Account information and Payment Details. (Select 12 months or your other preferred period). Note: No need to select SG Site Scanner.

Step 7. Confirm Privacy Policy and click Pay Now.

Step 8. Share to us the credentials you added in the account information step (Disregard if you have included in the Intake Form).

What are the next steps after purchasing the hosting?

Step 1. Once hosting is purchased, we will assist with the hosting setup. 

Step 2. If the website is already hosted in your old hosting account, we will assist with the hosting migration from the old hosting to the new Siteground account. We will also assist with pointing the domain to the new hosting. We will be using the Free Encrypt SSL Certificate from Siteground.

Keyword Reporting FAQs

I am receiving a regular ProRankTracker report, what is it for?

ProRankTracker is a tool we’re using for keyword rank tracking. We are sending the ProRankTracker report either daily or weekly so you can have a copy of how the keywords are currently ranking.

How do I read the data from ProRankTracker Report?

Explaining ProRankTracker Reporting

The ProRankTracker Report shows data of your keyword rankings. You’ll see a list of all the valuable search terms that we are monitoring. Together with the search terms, the ranking metrics are also included such as the ranking URL, search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing), type of keyword (Organic, Organic Local, Local Maps, Snack Pack), and keyword ranks (for the day, from last week, and from last month). 

Keyword Types

Organic – keywords ranking organically in the specific search engine without a specified location

Organic Local – keywords ranking organically within the specified location 

Local Maps – keywords ranking for local maps

Snack Pack – keywords ranking for the snack pack section of Google (the first three listings in Google Maps) 

Engine Types

We have two commonly used types of engines, Google.com (rank for Google organic and local searches) and G Local Finder.com (rank for Google’s local maps). Other engines are Bing and Yahoo. 

Reporting Goals

The column for rank is arranged ascendingly according to top keywords, refer to the legends shown below the report. By reviewing the report, you will be able to identify which keyword rankings increased or decreased based on the ranks the day before, the week before, and the month before. 

The report also shows how many keywords are on Top 1, Page 1, Pages 2-10, as well as keywords that are not recognized by Google. The report will also help track which valuable keywords are doing well and which ones need improvements.

Why did my Google rankings drop?

Many times when you see your rankings drop, it is nothing to worry about. What we’ve seen across all campaigns are random sudden drops in rankings, but then after a few weeks, your website bounces back higher in rankings than before. All we have to do is trust the process and continue building your online presence properly without resorting to any drastic actions or changes.

SEO Reporting FAQs

What reporting documents should I expect to see from you on a regular basis?

We will be providing regular reporting documents for your perusal (1) a ranking reporting via ProRankTracker sent daily/ weekly and (2) an SEO report sent every month, this includes the report via Google Data Studio which has the site traffic, data for goals, and audience behavior. 

The monthly report also has the keyword rank data, call tracking report, the SEO activities done for the month. It is usually sent within the week two of the following month to give us enough time with the completion.

How do I read the Call Tracking data from the report?

We include the data from the call tracking so we can help make more effective decisions and strategies with your marketing dollars. We set up a tracking phone number so that we can differentiate all of the phone calls your business gets from your website versus phone calls from people who called you because they saw your number on a business card, flyer, billboard, radio ad, etc. 

How do I read the Agency Analytics report sent to me?

Our Agency Analytics Reporting is a consolidation of data from Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Search Console, and Call Tracking tool in a single visual report. Included in the report are important points and data such as the number of organic searches, users, new users, sessions, goals, and bounce rates. It also includes the audience demographics, top cities, top regions, and most viewed landing pages. 

For the GMB data, it includes the number of searches, views, clicks, and other listing actions. For the call tracking tool, it has the total number of calls, the number of first-time callers, missed calls, answered calls, and average call time.

The Agency Analytics reporting includes graphs, tables, and charts to visualize progress, data fluctuation and decline, as well as a list of information that will help determine our next optimization move and strategy. The reporting also has a percentage of data that shows how much searches, users, or goals have increased or decreased compared to the previous year’s data. Through the traffic acquisition data, we will be able to identify the most effective channel in a specific device for a specific location. 


What is a Google Algorithm Update? How does it affect my ranking and site traffic?

Google Algorithm updates are the changes rolled out by Google to their search engine. It is said that in its early years, Google only made a handful of updates to its algorithms. Now, Google makes thousands of changes every year. Google currently announces its updates via their Google Search Liaison Twitter account. There is no definite frequency or time range for Google’s updates so we are regularly monitoring these updates every now and then. We also make sure that the optimization applied to the website can withstand these updates, thus, giving a little to no effect on the site’s rankings.

In case there are any drops with the site rankings after a Google Algorithm, we immediately attend to the campaign to fix any issues that might cause the drops.

What is a bounce rate?

The bounce rate is the percentage of the website visitors who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. We highly recommend a bounce rate ranging from 20 to 40 percent.

How can I improve my bounce rate?

We are doing a lot of website optimization to help improve the bounce rate as well as improving the conversion rate of the site. We do site speed improvement, conversion rate optimization, and other fixes to help improve the site’s bounce rate.

How long does SEO take? How long until we see results?

There is no definite and specific timeframe in ranking a website. In ranking a website, we consider a lot of factors such as how big the website is, the competition for the keywords we are targeting, the current state of the website in terms of backlinks, and the campaign budget. We also consider the website framework (WordPress is highly recommended for easier and faster application of website optimization). Thus, ranking a website can take as early as 6 months or as long as a couple of years. To determine the possible timeframe, we need to comprehensively review the website.

How do I know when things are working? How do you measure results?

To know if the campaign is working, we must see the results of the efforts that we did for the website. We can measure the results through the keyword rankings, site traffic, and goal conversions. We also keep in mind the partner goals in our SEO campaign. 

General FAQs for Polianna

Do you do website design?

Yes, we do Web Design. We do web design for templated WordPress sites as well as customized WordPress sites. We also do the web design in-house for the web development for local businesses and advanced framework

Do you do graphic design?

Yes, we do Graphic Design. We do graphic designing for website assets such as Homepage banners, featured images for articles, and more.

Who is your point person for my campaign?

In our onboarding email, you will be introduced to your Partner Success Manager who will be your main point of contact. If you have questions apart from our services, you may send your general inquiries to our company email [email protected]

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