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Testimonials From Clients And Colleagues

If you’re interested in my references or what others have to say about me, you may visit my Linkedin page of testimonials at https://www.linkedin.com/in/johngvictoria/. They are all from Business Owners & CEOs I’ve worked with. Here’s what people have said when working with me!

“John has great skills and great experience when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and Marketing. He takes his job seriously and will not stop until he completes his projects. If you want somebody who is going to bring you to the front page of google I would definitely recommend John.”

- Tab Winner

“John is a true technical wizard in the SEO industry. His ability to transform a businesses website lost in the millions of pages of Google to become found on the first page is nothing short of genius. EVERY project I have collaborated on with John has led to raving reviews, referrals and repeat business. Of special note, John is one of those entrepreneurs that has a passion and drive to really help fellow business owners to transform their results and make the greatest impact within their respective communities. John and the entire team at Polianna SEO are fabulous to work with and highly recommended.”

- Robert McCann

“John has been instrumental in the success of our most recent SEO and internet marketing project. Some of John’s unique strategies significantly reduced the time to improve the rankings of the web property and we look forward to the next project.”

- Philip Henry

“It’s been a great experience working with John in partnership doing search engine optimization. He’s demonstrated his ability to safely and effectively rank websites on the front page of Google. One thing I noticed about John is that he prides himself on the research and development aspect of SEO and he is always looking to find the next breakthrough to help rank client websites. If you’re in need of a SEO expert to increase the number of leads you receive online, John is your guy!”

- Robert Westberg

“John’s knowledge of computer science combined with his SEO is a deadly combination. His competition is left in the dust wondering what happened. All joking aside though John is very easy to work with and his results are impressive, I highly recommend him.”

- Anthony Fiorani

“Anyone who works with John can see immediately not only the skill he has in SEO and digital marketing but also the professionalism he demonstrates with his clients. This is just a few of the reasons he is not only one of the best in Virginia but in the entire country. If you are looking for a way to increase your customer base I recommend John highly.”

- Dean Davis

“John doesn’t accept anything less than the best for his clients. He is always able to achieve top search engine rankings that deliver profitable results. John has my full recommendation for all SEO and online marketing consulting work.”

- Steven Clark

“John is a digital marketing expert who gives it all he has got! John communicates well and can be trusted. Working with John in the past on projects I have found him to be strategic and innovative when it comes dominating the rankings. I recommend John because I know he will take good care of your business and help you achieve your online success.”

- Anton Bogatirev

“John is an incredibly skilled SEO who will go above and beyond to get you the search engine results you are looking for. He was able to get multiple websites from page 2 and 3 to the front page of Google and more than doubled their revenue. If you want incredible results, I would highly recommend you hire John.”

- Stefan Haacker

“If you are looking to get more clicks to your website and increase your revenue, John is the person to contact. I personally vouch for his expertise in SEO, online marketing and his skills in delivering real outcomes for his clients. Strongly recommend his service to any business looking to dominate the Google search results.”

- MIchael Baugh

“John is an SEO Expert and highly competent digital marketer. His expertise on ranking website on the first page of Google search really amazing but not only that, with his technical knowledge on compete domination on search engine result page will definitely put your business to an unfair advantage over of competition. I highly recommend him for your SEO needs.”

- Jeffrey Delos Santos

“John is a leader in the field of SEO. I know no other professional in the SEO field that can top Mr. Victoria’s work. I would recommend him to any company or organization looking for this type of service. He is truly top notch” - James Van Horn

“John from Polianna SEO is not only the #1 Search Marketing expert in Alexandria Virginia, but he is one of the few SEO consultants in USA that can actually rank you for any term on Google. I can highly recommend him and his marketing agency.” - Chavdar Iliev

“John’s one of the best working in the SEO and SEM realms today. We’ve collaborated on several projects, his understanding of complex situations and ability to simplify them is mind-boggling. (Not easy to do within SEO) If you’re looking to build your brand, or collaborate with another SEO/SEM professional stop looking, and connect with John now.” - Kevin Schermerhorn

“John always makes decisions that will sustain a business for the long term. He is energetic and smart, creative and bold, and passionate about his work. That combination has helped him to drive his clients to tremendous revenue growth. John has military discipline and work ethic installed and is a true professional in every sense of the word. He also displays a sincere desire to really help his clients. John Victoria can most assuredly get it done correctly for you.” - Wayne Walter

“John is a great person to work with. We’re both in the SEO industry and I’m constantly learning new things from his unique perspective. I believe what separates him from 99% of SEO’s out there is his eagerness to adapt with Google’s changes and stay ahead of the curve to benefit the people he works with.” - Mark Paljusevic

“John is a true innovator and professional in his field. He has brought in an endless amount of revenue and customers to every single business and client he has helped. As an expert in search engine optimization myself, I can say without a doubt what separates the 99% from the 1% is an ability to adapt to Google’s ever-changing algorithm; a job that is difficult but one that he does better than almost anyone. If you want the job done right you want Daniel. ” - Chirag Sharma

“Don’t pass on an opportunity to work with John at Polianna SEO. The methods he uses to build an online presence through SEO are among the best. He is dedicated to his clients’ success and superior results and is a great person to work with. I am privileged to be associated with him and having access to his wisdom and expertise. I highly recommend his services” - Mark Forde

“I have a deep respect for John’s work and output and his extraordinary SEO skills. I worked with John on a few projects and was completely blown away by his expertise in all things related to Search Engine Optimization. His ability to double shoot and problem solve is unmatched!” - Adrian Salinas

“If you’re looking to increase the traffic coming into your business for your website and increase revenue, then I highly recommend John. I’ve seen John rank pages and drive a good amount of traffic, he knows what he’s doing when it comes to search engine optimization.” - Jeromie Rosa

“John has demonstrated his knowledge time and time again with digital properties ranking. His experience and adaptability are very refreshing as he always go to the extra mile and over delivers. I highly recommend John to anyone who is serious about SEO work.” - Enrico Massani

“John was very helpful with an Important SEO project I was working on. It would not have been successful without his assistance. He is quite knowledgeable and easy to work with. If you need help with SEO give John a call.” - Ryan King

“John was one of the most dedicated SEO Consultant through his work at Polianna SEO. He denotes a strong determination to fulfill his goals, while being honest to others. Highly recommended.”

- Peter Chang

“John gets the job done! As a partner, we’ve personally witnessed clients with both small and large businesses benefit from John’s SEO services. If you’re looking to grow your business, you’ve found your SEO expert and partner to maximize online presence. Keep up the great work John!”

- Todd Walker

“John is a master at his craft. He went above and beyond for our companies SEO project, and brought unique insights to the table. He is at the forefront of all the new SEO strategies. I recommend him hands down!”

- Christofer Hatzis

“John is an asset when it comes to SEO. He knows his stuff and he can walk the talk. He can rank difficult keywords onto the top of page 1 (I’ve seen it first hand), and he does it in a very reasonable amount of time. I would definitely love to have John as part of the team again.”

- Johnny Chen

“John Victoria is a great way to boost the rankings and traffic for your business and website. I had the opportunity to work with him and quickly found him to be an expert in SEO. He is an asset to any business. I would definitely recommend John if you want to get your website on Page 1 of Google!”

- Sebastian Beja

“John is one of a kind when it comes to helping businesses grow on the Internet. I like his mindset of not caring too much about competition, but rather focus on clients needs and then just execute. John has been one of my mentors learning the tricks and treats of SEO in general and growing my own agency in particular. If you ever cross paths with John, consider yourself one of the lucky few. I highly recommend John as a true business professional in the realm of Digital Marketing and beyond.”

- Maurice Kooiker

“If you want online presence with your business, then you need to go and see John. He is very knowledgeable and will put your business at the top of Google where you need to be. When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, look no further than John!”

- Paul Atkin

“John Victoria, is a very personalized and efficient search engine marketer. He takes a solid approach in all the business he conducts providing a comfortable and suiting environment for clients willing to take the next step and increase their sales revenue. I would recommend John to anyone looking to boost their business,”

- Alec Johnston

John’s methods for search engine optimization are among some of the best in the industry. I was skeptical at first, but seeing a YouTube video of mine go from the bottom of page 10 to page 1 in a month was amazing to see. I highly recommend John.” - Kurt Li Yen Pin

“Ranking websites on Google is John’s forte. He’s an expert at link building campaigns, optimizing on-page SEO, and delivering page 1 results for all of his search engine optimization clients. I highly recommend him to any business owner who wants to be #1 on Google.”

- Steve Magill

“John knows how to get noticed in the Google SERP. And that’s what you want. I can’t recommend him enough. It’s great working with him.” - Robert R Warren

“John is one of the most professional, hardworking, and dedicated individuals in the marketing industry. I am extremely grateful for his friendship and focused effort, and I know my company would not be in the position we are today without his guidance. Due to his depth of technical knowledge, outstanding leadership skills, and clear communication, I consider John to be a trusted sounding board for all of my business decisions today, and I look forward to continuing to work together. I would strongly recommend anyone who is ready to take their business to the next level reach out to John today!”

- Chris Barr

“I can guarantee everybody that working with John and Polianna SEO will be a great business experience. His amazing skills will bring more leads and income to your business. Don’t think twice if you have the opportunity to work with his team.” - Jorge Marcoux

“John filled the role of SEO agency for my company’s marketing. I was particularly impressed by John’s ability to handle our SEO. They took our website and got it ranked on many keywords, increasing the number of leads we get online. The ROI has certainly been worth it. John and Alexandria SEO would be a huge asset to any business that wants to get found on top of search engines.”

- Richard Soesman

“John is an SEO expert. His ability to generate leads through key search engine optimization strategies is second to none. If you are a business looking to increase revenue through more website traffic, then I highly recommend you connect with John.”

- Starr Yerton

“John and his team over-delivered. They are consummate professionals. It is hard to argue with the results. All of our business KPIs are up, and the traffic is through the roof!”

- Christopher Caliph Herald

“I’ve known John for a few years now and have been watching him become an absolute force in the SEO world. There aren’t many people out there who I feel are knowledgeable enough for me to come to for help ranking my sites. John exceeds those criteria 10-fold. I’m very fortunate to get to work with him and his team, and if you get the chance to yourself then I suggest you jump at the opportunity.”

- Lawrence Rouse

“Just talk to John for a few minutes and you’ll quickly realize you’re talking to someone who not only knows his stuff, but practices what he preaches. If you’re looking for a digital marketing professional who is at the top of their game and always improving their craft, look no further than John.”

- Avram Gonzales

“John is my go-to man when I am looking for SEO advice and want to drive more organic traffic to a social property, he just knows his stuff! He will look after your reputation online and increase social media engagement with your company.”

- David Murphy

“John is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to SEO, link building and digital marketing. He is a master of long-term ranking strategies to generate not only rankings, but leads for his clients. The sustainability of his techniques is key to continuous success for his clients and their increase in profitability. The results are second to none! Clearly the only businesses that rank better than John himself are his clients. Highly recommended!”

- Alex Vine

“John is a top notch SEO professional who greatly understands Search Engine Optimization and online marketing. There were details and methods that I didn’t even know could benefit my business. Professionalism and attention to detail are evident from the beginning of working with John.”

- Todd Templeton

“I had the opportunity to work with John and quickly found him to be an expert in SEO. He delivered above and beyond the scope of the project for the best interest of the company. Not only this, he willingly share his deep knowledge of SEO, and Content Marketing which proved to a boom for me later.”

- Daniel Pereira

“As a Certified Google Partner, John uses all his wealth of knowledge to select the most appropriate solutions for Local SEO. Working with him is a nice and enriching experience, good team player, highly recommend him for any project no matter how small or big, he will surely deliver great results.”

- Victor Ursan

“John is a hands down, SEO EXPERT. His knowledge, not just of SEO, but of marketing and business growth is amazing. Down to earth and always the consummate professional, John will be an asset to any business in need of a better web presence and desired traffic. His ability to take a business and re-engineer its marketing campaign on the search engine platform is astounding. I recommend him to anyone looking to get results and amp up the marketing of his or her business.”

- Drew Sohn

“John’s company has impressed me with its prolific range of SEO services. I chose them to help with a client of mine I had been stuck on for months. John came up with some new innovative SEO ideas I had not thought of. Needless to say the clients ranking started moving within two months. It was a pleasure and privilege to work with him and I look forward to future projects.”

- Justin Monk

“John is simply superb at SEO. He does what few others can. He can take a business and ramp it up ten fold. When it comes to SEO. John is your guy. I learned a lot for him and easily recommend him to anyone in need of great SEO expert.”

- Hannah Fitzgerald

“John was professional and very knowledgeable when it came to working with him on SEO projects. For anyone looking for someone to quickly rank their business website on Google to generate more leads to their business, I recommend you get into contact with John.”

- Brendan Leahy

“John’s methods in SEO work. If you want an individual who is experienced and well-versed in search engine optimization to help your business, contact John. To me, he has over-promised and over-delivered. Thanks John!”

- Andres Bados

“I worked with John Victoria on a number of web related projects. His focus on achieving his SEO knowledge and professionalism are what allow me to recommend him without hesitation. He wastes no time getting to the point, offering solutions and suggestions for growth. John is dynamo who’s always quick on his feet and willing to roll up his sleeves to get the job done and do what’s best for the client.”

- Gwladys Ilfix

“John is an outstanding professional in the field of SEO. His level of knowledge and skills are very impressive. He is truly dedicated to his clients’ success ensuring optimal results. I highly recommend his professional services to all businesses both local and broad.”

- Maryann Nduagu

“John is a true pioneer is his field. His knowledge of search engine marketing and the online business world in general is a real eye opener. I’ve received so much value from working together and sharing our knowledge. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, look no further than John.”

- Daniel Smith

“John is a SEO expert and i’m very glad that i got to work with him. He has a solid, extensive current knowledge of the SEO world. You can trust that putting your website in his hands will bring you more targeted traffic and customers.Thank you for everything John!”

- Karolina Salek

“John Victoria is a great way to boost the rankings and traffic for your business and website. He only uses safe white hat strategies to rank your site so your site will stay in favor with Google for continued traffic and sales. If your business needs a boost, give John a call!”

- Nicholas Man

“John has been nothing but great to my company! An outstanding passion for his work, commitment to core values and of high integrity! You’d be a fool not to let him rank your site! John walks the walk.”

- Mufasa Dabbagh

“John is a phenomenal SEO consultant. Using the latest SEO techniques, he routinely ranks business websites #1 for several keywords on Google. The most impressive thing about John is his dedicated to the client — making sure that they get the traffic results that they want all while ensuring that any and all questions that they have are answered. John does not make your business website competitive, he makes it dominate on Google. I highly recommend him!”

- Victor Calderon

“John is amazing at SEO and online marketing — with an unparalleled ability to change revenue, traffic, and generate ROI. I’ve been happy to have worked with him and look forward to our next projects together.”

- Scott Schneider

“John is a results oriented professional who is a real pleasure to work with. He listens, he cares, and he gets things done quickly. If you want to get more customers through search engine optimization talk to John Victoria.”

- Noel Negron

“John is a SEO Magician and a True Professional. His skills are only equaled by his dedication to customer satisfaction. I was amazed by John’s amount of knowledge about true current organic SEO techniques. More importantly though, he avoided cheap tricks that don’t last and can permanently damage my sites reputation. If you want your site to get noticed and want it done right, contact John today.”

- Mathew Morettin

“The expertise that John Victoria has in ranking websites in the search engines is phenomenal. Because of the depth of information that he has, he always delivers for his clients. It’s obvious that he is dedicated to providing good customer service and quality work. John’s services through Polianna SEO are highly recommended.”

- Carol Bell

“One thing i can tell you is if you’re looking for a solution for your client getting problems, John is your go to guy! He is a great worker, and is very reliable. Highly recommended.”

- Ryan Ramos

“Working with John has been amazing. He has a true talent for SEO and I full-heartedly believe that he can rank for any search term in Google that he wants. I was blown away by what he can do and he has excelled my SEO business by years. I fully endorse him for his services as I know he will take amazing care of anyone.”

- Robert Duenner

“Ranking websites for specific keywords is what John does best. John is an expert on getting websites to Page # 1 on Google. Plus John is a Google Partner which puts him way above other SEO Consultants. Working with John was very enlightening and educational, and brought the results the customer wanted. I definitely recommend John if you need if you want to get your website on Page 1 of Google!”

- Tanya Venable

“John is definitely an SEO Expert. The fact that he is Google Certified sets him apart and working with him confirmed that he is a master in the digital marketing world. He makes first page rankings on Google look easy. I would not want him on my competitors payroll. Highly recommended!”

- Jarvis Gatlin

“John Victoria is a very concise and detailed individual and that is what is required for SEO optimization success, as it is filled with minutiae and you don’t want to miss any little detail as it can delay the desired positive outcome online. Totally appreciate the skill set that John and his team applies to the task at hand and always has positive results.. You are in good hands with John Victoria and his team without a doubt. And I highly recommend John Victoria for his SEO skill set and track record online for any SEO project big or small.”

- Sanoe Fukui

“I can say that John is a foremost expert in the area of search engine optimization. His command and knowledge of Google Rankbrain and the strategies needed to put his clients at the top of search rankings are simply unmatched. I highly recommend John to put you at the top and keep you at the top of page 1 on Google search.”

- James Allen

“John has some amazing SEO knowledge. I was surprised by his ability to deliver rankings on a very short period of time. He is also a very easy person to work with. I recommend working with John if you are looking for a great SEO expert.”

- Josue Aceves

“John’s SEO skills are one of the best in the industry. Every time I have a client website that just won’t move to the top of the search engines, John’s guidance and expertise give it the final push needed to rank #1 on Google. It’s been an honor to work with one of the best search engine optimization experts in the industry and I highly recommend him to anyone that wants to increase their business’s revenue.”

- Jamie Buck

“John is constantly finding new ways to market and grow website rankings and visibility through Search Marketing. His knowledge of the internet and search marketing is extraordinary as he’s been helping local businesses get found online. He brings his enthusiasm and passion to the table while still keeping it fun to work with. If you are looking to increase brand awareness and grow online, do yourself the favour of giving John a call.”

- Henry Oranugo

“John is one of the most motivated and impactful SEO experts I have had the pleasure to know. His ability to make a difference to a business and it’s bottom line by generating highly targeted traffic from Google is something that no business owner should hesitate in taking advantage of. I highly recommend his services.”

- Darren Wagstaff

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